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[23♥Oct♥07 @ 10:57am ]
The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in awhile.

1. Vacation

2. Kate being a floozy in front of our coworkers

3. Becoming a bartender

4. The thought of what's to come for Andy's birthday

5. Jesse and Ryan getting jobs

6. Being in good company is always great

Now I tag:
Lisa, Louie, Mai, Paige, Ryan and Kristin DB

Four weeks have passed [02♥Oct♥07 @ 07:14pm ]
The majority of the time was spent on work and Kapuweta. That's all I ever do now.

But I did learn know how to tie a tie. Thank you, Ryan!

With this, I have to buy an assortment of ties, and a couple of new outfits for events that are coming up real soon (Eric's birthday, Bri's Wedding, but most of all, Andy and Paige's birthday). I need a new wardrobe in general, more outerwear. I hate when people dress alike when I go out, they look incredibly tacky.

I have three viral infections in my blood stream. The doctor didn't even bother to go into details about why I have them, but that's what I get for not even asking the right questions. I'll find out next Tuesday what the deal is.

I started my bartending classes yesterday and they are bad fucking ass so far! Lots of memorization on my part with drink recipes, the concept and artistry of a cocktail, ZILLIONS of different brands of alcohol, etc. By the time Goin turns 21 and a month before I turn 23, I will be a certified bartender elgible to work at any location/union house in town. We get three field trips too. one to a bar to taste test over 600 beers, a winery in Pahrump and a micro brewery(I don't need to go to a micro brewery since I work in one already =P) I feel immensly confident that I will pass my exams. I want some of my 21+(and some of my underlings) friends to come to my work and I will whip you up something nice.

Now that I'm going to the batending school, I've pondering about whether or not I should return to college and continue my education. I decided That I'm not going to go back because once I become a bartender, I'll be making to best tipping wage in town, so I wouldn't need to go to school. But if I decide to move out of this town to a better place, I will go back to school and try to make something of myself. Right now, I make a better amount of money than a lot of the people I know and I'm happy with the way I live even if I am frivolous with my skrilla. This is probably a bad decision to be making, but I'm sticking to it.

Keep looking forward cause you'll get nowhere looking in the past. That's a phrase that keeps me going everyday, but it hasn't been working for me lately. I've been extremely nostalgic and remiscent about certain moments of my life. It would be nice to have a Pensieve and relive moments again for another perspective. I would laugh myself so much. One reason that I came up with for all of this is all the opportunities I've had That I didn't follow up on and it's bothering me a little. I just want something momentous to happen whether or not I make the moves, but I should make the moves. I'm not making sense, I'll stop now.

Lisa Goin has broke into the circle of Kapuweta! "Let's keep going til it's gone." Classic! It's good to have around more frequently than it has been. I need more of her influence in my life.

To whom it my concern; Andy's and Paige's birthday is on Oct. 26(Friday). We are going to start it off at the Haufbrahuas around noon. Any and everyone is welcome! Steins, sing-a-alongs, stripping, stein holding contests, Octoberfest(Drooling just thinking about the madness), more steins full of dark beer. I'm going to try to stop my drinking until then so my tolerance is a bit low. I'm excited! Vegoose right after that! DAFT PUNK! I hope you and your friends all decide to come.

Heroes fucking blows so far. 21 more episodes to prove its worth.

I need to catch up on sooooooooooo many movies. The awards season is still utterly dormant. No worthy frontrunner has emerged yet and it's already October.

I need a new camera and a muse to occupy my time.

I'm going to start my XMAS shopping later this month.

Better Shape Up [03♥Sep♥07 @ 04:49pm ]
September 12th is the day I vote to strike. If we do end up striking, I'm going to make a show out of it. I started making t-shirts muahaha!

I tried to register for school, but the lady told me I wasn't in the system anymore? or that I needed to notify the treasury about the Millenium Scholarship even though I already have? Stupid instances such as this, make me not want to go back to school at all.

But I am excited to start my bartending classes. I have a homework assignment to complete before I start class. I'm going to start as soon as this entry is typed.

Ray's birthday is tomorrow. I hope he decides to make an appearance and hang out.

Ryan's Birthday Weekend/Labor Day Weekend was grand! Saturday consisted of a lot Kapuweta, five-round minimum entry for Flip Cup and Team Kokamo(sp?). Our team obliterated the competition! When it struck midnight, Paige, Ryan and I went to the 7-11 so Ryan can buy alcohol for the first time. He comes out with two 40's. hahahahahahahahah!! Paige thank you for being so damn cool!

Sunday, Paige and the Boyz came to my work and I made Ryan a drink. It was somewhat weird serving him, but we laughed it off. That night, Ryan, Jesse, Hilary and I went to the Luxor to see if there was anyway we could get into LAX, but the line wasn't moving. With no luck, we went to the Hard Rock to try Body English. We met up with Abe and chatted for a moment since he was working. We got in line and the line was moving favorably until people in the line made a fuss about LeBron James. Once he entered, They held the line up. Bastards. After an hour, we left to Downtown just to get shitfaced for cheap. The Griffin(The Leaky Cauldron) is always a great place to end up. The atmosphere and the staff are all great personalities. After a few drinks and we're all sloshed, we take a stroll down Fremont Street and enjoy our buzz. Ryan starts talking about seeing some tittayz and we coincidentally are standing in front of the Glitter Gulch hahahahahahaha. I always thought of the Glitter Gulch as a dead end for run down and old ass strippers, but I was proved wrong. Hilary gets Ryan a dance from the cream of the crop of the joint while the rest of us are enjoying the one black girl that can clap, pop and work like a champ. I didn;t get home til 830 this morning.

I hope you had a great time, Ryan. Andy and Eric, you're next! HAUFBRAHUAS!!!!!!

I'm steadily climbing the ladder again in terms of money and women. The moeny is getting better at work. I can afford my filthy habits now =P. Hopefully, I don't fuck it up my oppportunity of romance with my lack of communication. I need to learn how to answer my phone more often or to simply turn on the ringer. I don't this intentionally to make you or anyone mad. I need to care more.

well, We'll see where the road goes.

Shoot Em' Up and 3:10 To Yuma on Friday. I'm stoked!!

an entry before the happy hour rush [22♥Aug♥07 @ 09:52pm ]
I'm finally registered for Bartending school. I start October 1st and I should by January 29 next year. I'll be a certified bartender before I turn 23.

I still need to register for my regular classes. I'm going to have all my time taken up. Full time job plus the bar classes and my regular course classes.

I climbed a tree the other night, I thought I couldn't do it. Booya!

Shanika comes back tonight.

Matt and I are going to use Planet Namek tonight in the middle of nowhere.

Ryans birthday is on the 2nd. 21+ are welcome to hang out.

Now back to serve some cheap asses.

[13♥Aug♥07 @ 06:54pm ]
1. Leave me a comment saying something random, like the lyrics from your current favorite song, favorite scent, or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Reply with your answers and update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Answers to Louie's questions:

1. hahahahaha first time, my mom walked in on me and several others butt naked in my room and the second, my dad walked in while iw as getting a blow job.
2. i have several ideas, but i will most likely get the deathly hallows symbol or finish my joker one with harley quinn.
3. Yellow - Coldplay or X-Factor - Lauryn Hill
4. right now it's alfonso cauron, hayao miyazaki and michel gondry. sam mendes is losing his mojo
5. 66 chevy

[06♥Aug♥07 @ 10:43am ]
First off, the Simpsons Movie is incredible!! It's my favorite movie of the summer tied with Knocked Up.

The Comic Con is always the pinnacle of the year. The Joker Gang scavenger hunt was one of the best moments of the whole week, even though the pay off wasn't as rewarding. Favreau and Downey Jr. are both funny and cool guys. Andy Louie and I waited in a line to get their autograph. Downey asked me how his hair looked. I couldn't help laughing. Next year, more people need to come.

Everyday since I came back, I've been out and about with assortments of people, mostly the boyz. I went to TAO on wednesday night for the first time. I ran into Ben and Abe and we got trashed at the casino bar before Shanika called us to come inside. The atmosphere within TAO is fantastic! The music and people are really chill and friendly.

Saturday I went to The griffin, a bar next to Beauty Bar. It reminds me of the Leaky Cauldron. Goin you're coming this place.

Work has been kind of crazy. I don't even know if my job is secured after the 17th this month. Since my hotel is a union house, my pay rate, my guaranteed 40 hours a week, my permanent shift, my one hour break and all my benefits are covered by the union. My hotels contract with the union expired on June 1st and they have been negotiating since that date. If we don't get the union back, all the percs I previously mention will go right out the window and with the way I live, that won't cut it for me. I don't even know if I should start look for another job or to just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

All the good people at work have a bunch of drama they don't need in their lives. I wish there was a way I can help them, but there isn't anything I can do. It's nothing I should worry about, anyway, but it still saddens me a little bit.

As of right now, I have not slept yet. Jesse, ryan, Andy, Paige and Brad have been drinking since 7 or 8am. Soon enough, I'm going to shave my head.

Who wants to go to Cali the weekend of September 8th?

Lumos Maxima [13♥Jul♥07 @ 09:28am ]
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was an awesome movie. I didn't like the way David Yates rushed the whole story, but then again how else are you supposed to fit 896 pages into a two hour and 18 minute movie?

I can't sleep due to being utterly stressed out.

I hate being far in the red. Now I know to never use my credit cards out of necessity. I owe an obscene amount of money.

It doesn't help that my mom is going into surgery next week and she asked me to take care of her mortgage while she is out for the next five weeks. I decided not to tell her what's going on, but I think she may have found out already through my sister because she's been asking what's wrong.

All I can do now is suck it up, quit complaining and take care of my shit like an adult.

All of this and Comic-Con is less than two weeks away. I'm definitely leaving all my cards at home.

Good night ladies and gentlemen.

Got a box full of totooyyyz! [09♥Jul♥07 @ 01:36pm ]

That's the album from my trip to Hawaii. I'm lazy to post them.

TRansformers was visually stunning, but fuck Michael Bay.

4th of July blew ass.

Harry Potter tomorrow night!! THe Deathly Hallows in 12 days!!!!!!!!!!

My credit cards are at their all time highest for me right now.


Every Sunday night from now on we bowl at South Point. It's a hot spot for lasses.

Waaaah for getting a health card renewed and getting doctors results back.

got a new tattoo:


[14♥Jun♥07 @ 12:46am ]
I'm in Hawaii right now! Its been amazing so far, even with my family with me at all times. I honestly thought they would drive me crazy, but I am happy I am seeing them all. I even met some cousins I never knew existed. They're all cool.

So far, we've done a bunch of tourist type of ordeals to pass up the time until the wedding. Monday we spent the entire day in a gigantic beach house (which was owned by Dolly Parton at one point) just playing poker and me playing the role of bartender for my family since none of them knew knew of my job status. We didn't go to our beach cause it makes us itchy cause of the marina.

Tuesday we went to the windward side of the island to visit the Sea Life Park. I got to see turtles!! And a 'whal-phin'. Afterwards, we went to the beach... maaaaan I love the water!!! We all went to see Oceans 13 last night after the beach. It was nice little send off for the cast. Soundtrack never disappoints. Some girls outside of the theater called me, and my cousins Rafa and Elmer 'faggots' cause of they way we were dressed. it was obvious that we didn't blend in cause we wore our clothes that we wear back home. The local girls are hard to get it and known of them are very appealing to begin with. Triflin loclas.

today, I'm typing this while we are at a water park on the northern part of the island. This park is copycat of wet n wild. The only water ride worth riding on is called 'shaka' and its a ride to make you feel like a vert skater. I really don't know what we're doing after this, but I want to go shopping for the wedding and souvie shopping for people.

I can't wait to get my tattoo of Harley Quinn this week. Its going to be siiick! I'm going to try to get tattoos in every place I visit around the world.

Every night since I arrived here, I hang out by the water at night and stare into the vast darkness that is the ocean and think of everything in it and compare to my vast mind and everything hidden inside of it. I want to get stuff out. I need to.

Before I left on this trip, I met a thirty two yr old named michelle from miami. I don't want to pursue her right now, but know she wants something from me. I don't know.

Pictures as soon as I get back home.

I'll never get used to seeing endless blue all around me.

[08♥Jun♥07 @ 02:48pm ]
I had a blast at the Faint last night. Thank you, Sandra! Lance has a mohawk now. That surprised me.

10 - 6p wed - sun mon and tues off will be my new shift (I'm hoping) when I return from Hawaii.

Oceans 13 tonight. I will arrive suited up.

[04♥Jun♥07 @ 01:49pm ]
The summer is about to begin. The local school kids are getting out of school, BBQ's will be more frequent, pools will be filled, and the lake will lose more water.

But for me, the summer will be half great and half shitty. Half great because all my trips will start next Monday and the all the fun will begin. but the summer will be half shitty because it'll be hard for people who work for tips since the summer is the incredibly slow season due to the heat. So, I'll barely scrape by with my trips and my bills with no money to spend in between. I should be saving, but that'll have to wait until we all return from the CON.

It sucks the way 'tipping out' works sometimes. I just have to hold on until February, then I'll be a certified Bartender and I can go to any place I wanted granted they have the availability.

All I want is to be set before Joe moves back to Vegas, so I don't get myself into a bind and make a repeat of what happened between Ray and I. I managed the ordeal fine, but it'll be different this time. I want to make sure we both can afford the place and if one of us gets fired or gets hurt or some shit that we can handle everything alone. I still have a lot of work to do.

I want to keep up Friday traditions, Lisa and Louie! Let's go see Oceans 13 this Friday =P If we do, I'm going to wear my suit =X

Next Monday, I'm going to Oahu with 15 members of my family for my cousins wedding. There hasn't beena gathering this large in our family ever and this is including here in Vegas. I personally feel alienated by the lot of them, so I'm going to spend most of my time frollicking the streets, beaches, bars and clubs, hanging out with Bill, Jill, and some of Shane's friends. I can watch Rise of the Silver Surfer out there hahahahahaha. I just don't want it to be a 'family vacation'.

My mom has become a party animal since she met her man candy, Brian from South Point HAHAHAHA!! Hope this is prepared to take care of her or he'll get kicked to the curb!

Happy Late Birthdays to Erin, Ulysses, Ziggy and Anthony.

I leave with a prelude of many pictures to come. It's time to get ready for work.


[29♥May♥07 @ 03:54pm ]
big entryCollapse )

[24♥May♥07 @ 03:55pm ]
I moved back home last week. It's incredibly weird to be in my mom's house again. It's like I'm a stranger here.

We still have the condo for another nine months, so we're just going to use it as a last resort to hang out.

Ray's new place is sooooo fucking niiiiiice!!!! Joe and I will be tenants there when he moves here in January after his birthday.

Hawaii in two and half weeks.

This is it.. [14♥May♥07 @ 02:05pm ]
It's an end of an era.

January 30, 2005 - May 18, 2007.

There have been sooo many memories here and I won't forget a lot of them.

Cheers [11♥May♥07 @ 03:05pm ]
Kirsten dunst 3(Spider Man 3) was a fucking laughing stock! Raimi pulled a Schumacher. There was so many holes to a badly conceived story. When Spider Man woke up with the symbiotwe suit on, the movie went down hill. It seems like they focused more on the graphics and Venom's image(which was satisfactory to me). Harry Osborn was the best part of the movie. And the Jazz scene... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hawaii is in one month. I'm not forward to mingling with my family. I feel sorry to say this, but the lot of them are a bunch of neanderthals and I feel out of place amongst them. My sister showed me the floorplans for the house we rented. Without me asking, she reserved the only room on the first floor for me.

Comic Con in two and a half months!

I'm almost finished moving back home(Moms). I knew this was a bad decision in the first place, but I have no choice. I'm not already completely movied in cause she's already hounding me. I'm there until September, so it'll be alright. I may have a BBQ Memorial Day weekend.

As of right now, I wish I had my old schedule back. Not that bartending is bad, I just wish I was making the moeny I tohught I was going to be making. With the hours I have, I can't really function properly.

I'm just tired all the time now. I sleep odd hours, I don't like to go anywhere and I feel like I'm getting sick.

I went to the doctor last week because I was having stabbing pains in my chest. They took out some blood, I had an X - Ray and an ultrasound. I might have to get surgery.

28 Weeks Later is out. I suggest you watch it.

I love being behind the bar [20♥Apr♥07 @ 05:08pm ]
bored for the rest of my life
Comment and I will:

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your journal. (If you aren't already infected)

[10♥Apr♥07 @ 06:52pm ]
It is nice and quiet for once. But it won't last long.

Someone found my camera. I've been trying to find it for a while. I'm leaving it on my desk from now on.

The ball on my Sidekick is messed up. I got to get a new one.

Five more days until I start my training. I yearn to leave the Brewpub badly.

My sink is clogged with everyone's cigarette buds. No one knows how to use an ashtray around here.

I got my suit back from the tailor on Thursday. When I wear it, I feel like one classy ass man. Every guy should own one suit and a bunch of different colored shirts. I'll post a picture later.

Jenna's party was cool. I looove to dance!

I want to BBQ on Sunday to celebarate my promotion. Anyone game?

I wish you love [10♥Apr♥07 @ 12:13am ]
Can we taaalk

for a minute?

[05♥Apr♥07 @ 05:02pm ]

This is what happens when you play with a nice camera.Collapse )

Words are meaningless and forgettable [22♥Mar♥07 @ 10:45pm ]
Things have been a bit better. Especially now since I know where everyone stand in the future. I'll be on my own, it's how I want things, sort of. I still don't what I'm going to do about the living situation. If I get my own place, I would need some kind of promotion. For the past month or so, I've been trying to move up the ladder and transfer to being a barback.My boss kept reassruing me that a shift will come up for me, but it isn't happening. I then tried for a server shift, but I can't get either because of the classification I am. Now, I'm stuck cleaning fucking tables. I am tired of cleaning tables. Fuckin' Twan.

I use the experiences around me to learn from. I need to put my lessons to work and get the fuck out there.

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